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Please read the following terms and conditions and the linked Privacy Policy carefully as your use of the service is subject to your acceptance of and compliance with the following terms and conditions ("Terms"). 

By getting in touch to, using any of our services and any purchases made by you through our Retail Outlets or Rimple and Harpreet (www.rimpleandharpreet.com) website shall signify your acceptance of the supply terms and your agreement to be legally bound by the same. In addition to the foregoing, you shall also be bound by the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement or additional terms of service which are displayed with the selection of the product. In there is any conflict between the supply terms and the additional terms, the additional terms shall take precedence in relation to that purchase.

In these Terms, references to "you", "Client", “Customer” shall mean the end user of the purchased product or user accessing the Website, its contents and using the Services offered through the Website. "Service Providers" mean independent third-party service providers, and "we", "us", “company” and "our" shall mean “Rimple and Harpreet”.

  • Disclaimers
    1. All RAH outfits are handcrafted products containing vintage fabrics, threads, sequins, zaris etc. and may have slight irregularities or imperfections. These irregularities are the result of the human involvement in the process and raw material that adds to the finished product's charm while ensuring you have a one-of-a-kind piece.
    2. As per RAH’s experience as a designer and creator, we want to ensure that our clients understand that no two handmade pieces are ever the same. RAH is not into repetition and mass production of outfits. Therefore, every piece of RAH is unique in its own way and that’s where their beauty lies. Each creator, each artist, each craftsperson brings their perspective, their life experience and a part of their soul to the pieces they create. Each piece is unique. Each piece is individual. Each piece is handmade with love.
  • Possibility of Color Variations:
    1. Actual product color may vary from the images shown on virtual video call.
    2. Every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors, and every individual may see these colors differently. In addition, lighting conditions at the time the photo was taken can also affect an image's color.
    3. Actual product color may vary from images shown on Instagram as those are professional photoshoot pictures and under preset lighting conditions, furthermore every monitor or mobile display has a different capability to display colors, and every individual may see these colors differently.
    4. Color of the production piece made on order may vary from sample due to various reasons including the natural ageing, wear and tear of the sample fabric, different yarns or fabric contents. Colors may vary among different production lots of the same outfit. Different products with the same color name or palette may not be exactly the same.
  • Embroidery, cuts, styles, fabrics, decoration components may vary slightly from the original sample shown, according to availability of raw material, customer size, measurements or specific customisation requested by the customer.
  • Change in style based on customisation:
    1. The cut of the outfit and the overall look may vary from sample, if specific changes have been made in the sample as per the client’s requirement.
    2. The neckline and shape of the neckline for various suits and lehenga blouses may change in case there is a change in the neckline depth of the blouse or change in the style of the neckline from the sample. RAH samples are normally designed with an average neck depth of 11. 5”– 12.5”.
    3. Incase client increases/reduces the length of the sleeves or length of the blouse the embroidery of the outfit will change as embroidery might be extended or reduced as required and will not be same as sample.
  • Trials and Alterations
    • Instore Deliveries
    1. For all Fresh Orders and their in-store deliveries, where the client is taking an in-store trial and delivery of the outfit, in case any minor alteration is required, alterations for fittings will be done by RAH team before the final delivery of the outfit.
    2. Incase client is requesting any major alteration that is beyond normal fitting and extends into changing the design or adding tassels, borders, cancan etc. which was not part of the original order briefing or original sample, additional charges may apply based on the scope of work.
    3. For all fresh orders any alterations / finishing /dry cleaning required post the final delivery of the outfit at a later date will be chargeable depending on the scope of the work.
    4. For discounted stocks at store or during sale, any alterations /finishing/dry cleaning are chargeable as per company policy and current factory rates.
      • Non In-store Deliveries/ Shipped Orders

      RAH encourages & recommends clients to take instore trials before taking final delivery, we understand that it might not be feasible for all clients.

      1. For non-instore deliveries that include international deliveries and out-station deliveries, where the outfit is being dispatched as per client request without trial at the store, consultant will share the pictures/videos of the ready outfit before dispatch.
      2. Consultant will also ensure that outfit is made as per the client measurements shared by the client while placing the order. 
      3. Once the outfit is dispatched and in case any additional alterations are required in such cases, the client should get it done at the local level at their own cost.
      4. In case the outfit requires major alterations that cannot be done at the local level and outfit is to be altered by the RAH team, the team will be happy to assist clients on the same. The shipping charges and logistics for sending and collecting outfits from the RAH store are to be borne by the client. 

        Price Disclaimer: All RAH Outfit price are subject to change at any time without prior notification. We reserve the right to change our outfit’s prices at any time without prior notice. However, if you have ordered and have partially or fully paid for an outfit, the old price on which the outfit was booked will be applicable.


      1. International Orders 
        1. All International orders where the payment is received via foreign remittance, we levy 10% extra on MRP.
        2. International charges will be added to the MRP of the outfit. Consultant will also share PI with currency amount that is to be transferred by the Customer.
        3. The orders are only processed once payment is credited in company’s account.
        4. The delivery date shared in Sales Order/ Advance Voucher are estimated dates, the actual date may vary based on receipt of 70% advance and measurements.
        5. In case of any minor changes in measurements, client should communicate the same to consultant in written (via WhatsApp) before dispatch, Consultants can do minor fitting modifications based on new change.
        6. No alterations will be made that requires any design modifications to the neckline, sleeves, Blouse/Kurti Length etc.
        7. Consultants will match the measurements of the outfit with the order sheet on a video call with client when dispatching the order.
        8. Once delivery of the outfit is accepted it cannot be returned, exchanged or altered.

        Any alterations should be agreed upon before the final delivery. Any alterations / finishing /dry cleaning after delivery will be chargeable depending on the scope of the work.

        1. In case of any alterations that are required in the outfit once the outfit is delivered to the client, the back-and-forth logistics/shipping charges shall be borne by the client. RAH team will be responsible for alteration.
        2. Incase any major alteration is required by the client that changes the scope of work on design front of the outfit, the additional charges will imply, the same shall be communicated by consultant at the time of accepting the alteration request. Such alteration requests have to be do (Example, additional border required on the blouse/ hem of the kurti, increasing the embroidery in any part of the outfit)


        1. Website Order Payments
        1. All website orders are processed once 100% payment is received.
        2. The orders are only processed once payment is credited in company’s account and not on the basis of transfer.
        3. Company is not responsible for delay in receipt of international payments as it’s not in Company’s direct control.
        4. Consultants will share once the acknowledgement with clients once the payment is received.


      2. Cancellation & Refund Policy
        1. Orders once placed cannot be canceled nor any changes will be accepted for the outfit once the order is placed. 
        2. Advance amount / Token amount is non-refundable nor can they be converted into a credit note or adjusted against any other order.


      3. Payments Terms
        1. Advance amount for NEFT/RTGS/bank transfers/ Card payment orders is minimum 70% for orders above Rs 2 Lacs value. 
        2. All orders are processed only when minimum advance amount is received (Received is considered once the payment is reflecting in RAH Account)
        3. For all non-bridal outfits with value under Rs 2 Lacs, cash/card payment shall be given in 100% advance.
        4. For all Ready to wear outfits, payments to be made 100% in advance at the time of purchase, any alterations to the ready outfit will be initiated post receipt of 100% advance payment.
        5. In case of customized outfits, 100% advance is charged at the time of order. Orders are processed once the advance amount is received (Received is considered once the payment is reflecting in RAH Account)
        6. If the advance amount is not paid within the stipulated time discussed at the time of placing the order, then the order stands to be put on hold or canceled as per the company’s policy. 
        7. In case of delay in advance payment, the delivery date will shift forward in accordance to the same.
        8. If payment or part of the payment is withheld by the customer, the company retains the right to hold the delivery and handover of the outfits.
        9. Delivery will be done once the complete payment is received and applicable shipping charges are received by RAH (Received is considered once the payment is reflecting in RAH Account).


        1. Customisations and applicable charges
        1. The company does not undertake changes or customization in any order and order is taken as per any given sample. However, minor adjustments as per the client’s measurements or requirements can be accommodated where possible based upon mutual agreement.
        2. Customization charges are extra and charged to the client over and above the outfit price depending on the scope of work.
        3. Once scope of work for an outfit, design & style with relevant customization or add-ons is agreed upon, final price will be quoted. Second dupatta/head veil or any add-ons not included in store sample will be charged over & above the tag price. 
        4. Prices can vary as per size and scope of work and the same shall be intimated at the time of placing the order.
        5. No add-ons like potlis, belt, kaliras, clutch, mask, veil, extra dupatta etc can be added once order has been confirmed and signed off by the client.


      4. General
        1. Base color swatches are shared with clients upon request at the time of placing the order. Lead time for providing swatch is 2-4 weeks depending on various factors like fabric availability, shipping time etc. Swatches are not provided for outfits that involve the printing of base fabric.
        2. RAH does not give sampling or embroidered swatches; only base color cuttings can be provided on request. 
        3. If the customer’s size changes from the time of placing the order to the time of delivery, the company is not liable for the same. All measurements need to be signed off by the customer. In certain cases, a further amount might be chargeable depending on the scope of work.
        4. Every effort will be made to accommodate all requirements of the customer or specific customization to the sample shown. It may not be possible to implement all of them and the same shall be communicated by the consultant.
        5. Once delivery of the outfit is accepted by the client it cannot be returned, exchanged or altered.


      5. Shipping, Logistics and Order Deliveries.
        1. Incase client chooses to get the outfit shipped instead of taking an in-store delivery. Brand gives the option of courier services and the same is optional, clients can choose to arrange their own logistics services for delivery.
        2. Shipping costs for both Domestic & International are not included in the outfit price and are charged as per the prevailing rate and surcharges.
        3. The company is not liable for any delays due to holidays, natural calamities, courier services etc. Consultant will share tracking details with the client once received from the courier company. Company uses DHL/FedEx for International deliveries.
        4. In case of any lockdown or working restriction imposed by the government that hampers the day-to-day functioning of the factory and artisans, the delivery date of the outfit will be revised based on the readiness of the outfit. Deferred date will be calculated based on the number of days such lockdown/restriction was imposed for + 7 days.


      6. Intellectual Property Rights
        1. Unless otherwise indicated or anything contained to the contrary or any proprietary material owned by a third party and so expressly mentioned, Rimple and Harpreet owns all Intellectual Property Rights to and into the Instagram handle of “rimpleandharpreet” and website, including, without limitation, any and all rights, title and interest in and to copyright, related rights, patents, utility models, trademarks, trade names, service marks, designs, know-how, trade secrets and inventions (whether patentable or not), goodwill, source code, meta tags, databases, text, content, graphics, icons, and hyperlinks.
        2. Clients acknowledge and agree that you shall not use, reproduce or distribute any content from the Instagram handle “rimpleandharpreet” and their website www.rimpleandharpreet.com belonging to rimpleandharpreet.


        For all customer service or post sale related queries, please drop us an email at customersupport@rimpleandharpreet.com